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Community building through collaborative social planning

Welcome to the Growth Areas Social Planning Tool which can help you navigate the complex challenges of community building.

How can this Tool help?

The Growth Areas Social Planning Tool can identify the programs, activities, services, events and networks that support residents of growth areas from the beginning of their communities. It aids the building of community and provides practitioners with resources to make informed decisions.

Is it the right Tool for me?

This Tool is primarily a mechanism for local governments to coordinate social planning for growth areas, along with other stakeholders who engage in community building activities – state government departments, developers, services providers and community members/organisations. However, anyone who needs to navigate the process of social planning in growth areas will find the resources here invaluable.

A response to need

The Growth Areas Social Planning Tool was developed by a number of organisations, led by the City of Whittlesea, as a response to the need for a coordinated social planning process for the growth communities of Melbourne, Australia.

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