The Social Services Benchmarking Tool

The City of Greater Dandenong has developed a spreadsheet-based tool to help quantify demand for the key social services required to serve a local community. The tool recognises that individual local governments and service providers have different service levels and allows users to input their own benchmarks.

The tool can identify the required number of:

  • Maternal and child health (MCH) nurses
  • Family day care, child care and kindergarten places
  • Primary and secondary school pupils
  • Residential aged care places (both high and low-care)
  • Potential residents with dementia that will require assistance
  • Community-based care clients.

The spreadsheet tool (Excel, 58KB) consists of two worksheets:

  1. In the first worksheet, the user inputs the projected population of the new subject community that they have developed. The population projections are entered using five-year age groups (for example, the number of 0–4 year olds). Based on these population figures, the spreadsheet will output estimates of the services required for this community.
  2. In the second worksheet, the user can change the service benchmarks that are used in the calculations. The tool uses service benchmarks adopted by the City of Greater Dandenong in service planning and provision as a default setting. These can be replaced with customised benchmarks such as those used by the council in the growth area or by local service providers.

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