Baseline for young people: City of Whittlesea Youth Services

The work undertaken by the City of Whittlesea Youth Services focuses on all issues that affect young people through the complex transition of childhood to adulthood. Youth Services aims to facilitate the development of individual, family, community and structural factors that enable young people to reach their full potential.

All practices endeavour to be culturally appropriate and inclusive.

Area work

All Youth Development Officers have a geographical area of the municipality that they are responsible for. The overall aim of area work is for the Team to develop in-depth knowledge and connections with designated areas within the municipality. This enables the voice of young people to be heard from a local level and responded to by Council.


Members of the Youth Services Team have issues based portfolios for which they are responsible including:

  • Renewal/growth areas
  • CALD young people
  • Indigenous young people
  • Youth club development
  • Youth participation
  • Family strengthening
  • Young people with disabilities and many more

EDGE Youth Facility

Council's Youth Services Team is based at Edge. A range of local service providers are also located at Edge with a practicing ethos based on human rights; participatory; social justice; community development and community strengthening activities. Council’s commitment to Edge is that it will continue to evolve as a space for young people to participate in civic engagement action, skills training, personal development programs, recreation, art and cultural activities.

Best practice guides