City of Casey New Estates Community Development Program

The New Estates Community Development Program (NECDP) was developed in response to the rapid residential housing estate and population growth in the City of Casey.

The program aimed to build a strings sense of community, encourage active citizenship and the development of strong local networks, and welcome new residents and introduce them to local services and programs.

The NECDP targeted both larger scale and smaller scale audiences, informal and formal settings and both new and existing estates.

The core themes of the NECDP were:

  1. Building active citizenship and empowerment
  2. Development and sustainability of local social capital
  3. Building a strong sense of community

In line with these three core themes, the NECDP employed the following community engagement strategies:

  • New estates information evenings
  • Community directions newsletters
  • Community activities including Casey People in Parks events
  • Building Better Communities forums
  • Point of contact, information and referral
  • New group development and support
  • Collection of local community stories

A range of programs and activities have been organised and run through the NECDP to support community building including:

Casey Neighbourhood BBQ's which involve residents working with council to plan and host a community BBQ in their street to promote connectedness and interaction between local residents.

Read the Casey BBQ evaluation (Word - 2.8MB).

People in Place activities staged at local community facilities. These events aimed provide an informal afternoon of entertainment, information provision and the opportunity to meet other residents in the community, as well as promoting awareness of community venues to residents.

People in Parks activities held throughout summer in local parks for new and established communities across the City. The activities are intended to welcome current and future residents and provide entertainment for the whole family.

Meet the Streets informal afternoon sessions held for residents in a parkland area of smaller estates. These events included food and entertainment for local residents who are encouraged to bring fold out chairs and enjoy the casual atmosphere.

Neighbour Day which encouraged people to create relationships with the people who live next door and across the street as a way of strengthening their communities to create safer, healthier and more vibrant places to live. Neighbour Day also included the publication of a 'Get to Know Your Neighbour' kit to help residents to run their own activities on the day. The kit included:

  • Hello Postcards
  • Get to Know Your Neighbour brochure
  • Information about Neighbour Day and ideas for activities
  • Street Party permit information
  • Name stickers
  • Blank poster to advertise an activity
  • The opportunity to mail a positive Neighbour story to Council

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