Screen Stories and Community Connections

A study in Cardinia has shown that social media has a role to play in connecting new residents.

The study took place in the outer-urban growth corridor of Cardinia, one of the State’s fastest growing areas and home to a community facing particular changes resulting from rapid development (Robson and Wiseman 2009). In particular, the area has seen significant private development of new commercial, residential and social spaces.

This study investigated how children and their families use information communication technologies (ICTs) in their everyday lives. It then looks at how relationships with and through technology can impact and influence an individual’s experience of social inclusion and exclusion.

The study found that technology is increasingly becoming a necessary means of communication, social connection and inclusion, information access and economic participation. Limited access to technology can contribute to social exclusion particularly for vulnerable communities such as lower socioeconomic or geographically isolated groups.

Screen Stories and Community Connections - Final Report (PDF, 1.25MB)

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