Creating a Connected Cardinia – Cardinia Neighbourhood Development Framework 2011-2015

Creating a Connected Cardinia is a collection of four papers that comprehensively outline Cardinia Shire Council’s approach to neighbourhood development in its growth areas. They consist of:

  1. Background Paper (PDF, 372KB) – provides an overview of neighbourhood development theory and practice, an overview of the key factors influencing Cardinia Shire's communities currently and into the future, outlines relevant council and state government policy and provides an overview of key stakeholders involved in neighbourhood development.
  2. Strategic Directions Paper (PDF, 290KB) – sets out the approach to neighbourhood development at Cardinia Shire Council, the key outcomes sought and a program logic model for moving towards these outcomes.
  3. Action Plan (PDF, 149KB) – sets out a program of activities and initiatives related to neighbourhood development in Cardinia Shire that council has committed to delivering between 2011 and 2015.
  4. Implementation and Evaluation Plan (PDF, 278KB) – compiles the actions from the other three documents and sets out an implementation and evaluation plan. It also includes activities by other areas of council that are relevant to neighbourhood development.

The Neighbourhood Development Framework has been developed under the four key dimensions of resilience, connection, respect and support. The actions identified include:

  • New resident information kits and evenings
  • Getting to know neighbours at local area events
  • Community resilience programs
  • Family leadership/mentoring programs
  • Community leadership program
  • Poppy seed grants programs
  • Support for residents-led initiatives
  • Programs/spaces to connect diverse groups

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