Building Strong Communities: Redlands Social Infrastructure Strategy, Redland City Council, 2009

Redland City Council's Social Infrastructure Strategy identifies the following vision for Redlands: Building strong communities where a strong community is a connected community with access to a full range of options required for a rich community life and an active attachment to place.

Its definition of social infrastructure is:

"Social infrastructure refers to the community facilities, services and networks which help individuals, families, groups and communities meet their social needs, maximise their potential for development, and enhance community well-being".

Services and networks are also included, recognising their crucial role in developing and supporting strong, well resourced, connected communities.

An audit conducted by Redland Council found the following relating to networks and community development support:

  • The pivotal role of networks, service inter-agencies and other collaborations in maintaining and attracting services, programs and funding for the city.
  • A need for administration and operational planning support for non-government organisations (NGOs).
  • The need for access to credible information on local needs and future growth for local service providers' planning activities as well for community building and people's participation in civic and community life.
  • Absence of community development capacity and targeted funding to undertake community building activities in new/changing communities and early intervention work with vulnerable families and individuals.

Some of the major changes in approaches to social infrastructure that have influenced this strategy include:

  • More emphasis on investing early in greenfield communities
  • More emphasis on prevention and early intervention
  • Emphasis on supporting service systems
  • Creation of hubs
  • A shift to place management and joined up government
  • Increased use of schools as community centres
  • Emergence of research about age friendly and child friendly cities
  • Move to sustainability and thinking locally
  • Use of partnerships and alliances to deliver infrastructure.

Download Redlands Social Infrastructure Strategy (PDF, 1.51MB) for more information.

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