Strong Communities: A Social Infrastructure Plan for Voluntary and Community Action in the Milton Keynes Growth Area (UK)

The Milton Keynes Social Infrastructure Plan is based on the recognition that an important element of community development work in new communities is community empowerment and capacity-building where individuals and communities are enabled, through information, skills development and other support to become decision-makers and take control of their futures.

The plan identifies a six-stage community capacity-building process for new communities:

  1. Shaping – community information and consultation with existing communities regarding the formation of development briefs etc.
  2. Planning – continued community consultation, detailed planning of social infrastructure
  3. Engaging – information/signposting as part of welcome service; provision of initial community facility/ies, initial community development work; grants for development of new community groups; support to/from existing communities to build bridges to new residents.
  4. Growing – development of community groups; community development work; volunteering; grant funded projects helped to develop; community services/support established.
  5. Maintaining – community-run services and support to meet existing and new resident’s needs; development of long-term social infrastructure facilities including income generation and social enterprise opportunities; ‘external’ community development support reduces.

Download Strong communities - A Social Infrastructure Plan (PDF, 774KB) for more information.

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