How are growth areas planned?

Growth areas in Melbourne typically begin with a process of precinct structure planning. Precinct Structure Plans (PSPs) are masterplans for whole communities. They anticipate the roads, shopping centres, schools, parks, housing, employment and transport connections.

The Metropolitan Planning Authority (MPA) is the statutory authority for overseeing the preparation of PSPs. PSPs can be prepared by the MPA, councils, landowners and other agencies directed by the Minister for Planning.

The process for preparing a PSP is shown in the next section. It is illustrated as a linear process but in practice it is iterative.

Until the development of the Growth Areas Social Planning Tool, there was no clearly defined process for social planning. This Tool provides a coordinated process for social planning in the same way that the PSP process was established for land use planning.

The Growth Areas Social Planning Tool process aligns with the precinct structure planning process, and this is described in Community building in growth areas: the case for a coordinated approach (PDF, 10.17MB).

Ideally, the social planning process should inform the land use process and it needs to continue long after precinct structure plans are developed and as the community evolves.

Precinct Structure Planning


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