How does this Tool work?

The Growth Areas Social Planning Tool outlines a process of planning for the community building needs of new communities by:

  • Articulating a vision of community wellbeing
  • Establishing the guiding principles for social planning
  • Outlining a process for local government to establish partnerships with internal departments and external stakeholders
  • Providing resources and relevant links to inform decision-making, implementation and evaluation
  • Providing resources to assist stakeholders in advocating for growth area social planning
  • Providing practitioners with an avenue to interact with one another and share good practice.

Steps to follow:

Local government assigns a project coordinator.

Project coordinator establishes an internal working group.

Working group establishes a partnership with external stakeholders.

Partners gather evidence to inform social planning focusing on community building needs.

Partnership explores options of good practice for establishing programs/processes.

Partners establish innovative solutions to address community building needs of the community.

Partners establish evaluation processes.

How does this tool align with the precinct structure planning process? (PDF, 330.9KB)

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